Spoonie Gnome Ornaments

Everyone can use a little extra help and these felted gnome "Spoonie" ornaments are there to lend you a spoon when you need it.  


But what is a Spoonie?

The term "Spoonie" was coined by Christine Miserandino. She used spoons to demonstrate what it was like to have an "invisible" illness such as fibromyalgia, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome.  The story goes that everone starts the day with a certian amount of spoons.  As the day goes on the spoons are taken away depending on the activities undertaken.  If you do too much, you run out of spoons.  There is a possibility of gaining a spoon by resting and not pushing yourself too hard.  Enevidibly, there are days that you need an extra spoon and that's where these little Spoonie gnomes come in.

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