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Wilfred of the Winter

This hand felted gnome is Wilfred of the Winter. He is inspired by the reflection of a January sunrise on the snow. Wilfred loves the snow so much, he doesn’t need shoes.  His feet are made of flesh coloured merino to represent bare feet.  This gnome/tomte/troll/elf doll is perfect for your bookshelf or mantle and would make an incredible gift for your friends, family, or yourself.


Wilfred gnome/troll/elf:

  • He stands about 10 inches tall and 6 inches around the base including his little bare feet.  He sits on a 2.5 inch wooden disk to allow free standing.
  • He has little flesh coloured cheeks and nose under all those locks.
  • His hat is a blend of peach and turquoise soya silk; white Targee and shearling Wensleydale wool; yellow firestar and ice Angelina fibres. 
  • He is lightweight and soft to the touch.
  • His beard and hair is made from white and blue, hand dyed Wensleydale  locks that have been hand scoured by me using ecologically friendly and biodegradable soap.  Care has been taken to use wool raised in the UK.

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Each gnome is lovingly wrapped in beautiful tissue paper. He is safely placed in a thick cardboard box for their travels.


These horribly cute and whimsical gnomes are hand felted by me. They are individually made from head to toe. The hats are made of wool, plant and sparkly fibres that are blended to create a unique fabric, no two are the same. 

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Can't find the perfect gnomes? I also make custom gnomes to your specifications. See listing for more information or message me directly.


Small child warning:

*Unfortunately, because of the handmade nature of the gnome, I cannot say my gnomes are safe for children. These gnomes are for decorative purposes only.  Please message me if you have any concerns or questions.

**Photos have been taken in natural light. I have done my best to match the real-life colour, however, because monitors and phones are different, there will be some colour variation.


Gnome Folklore:
There is various folklore surrounding Gnomes. They are usually portrayed as small magical beings that mostly live underground. They protect Mother Nature’s animals and precious gems and metals.

Nisse/tomte are thought to bring good luck and protect the homes, animals, farms, gardens, and people that treat them nicely. However, they may cause mischief to those that harm them. In Scandinavia, the nisse was said to deliver gifts to the door.

Wilfred of the Winter

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