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Gnome Ornament of the Month Club

Fancy getting a surprise Gnome Ornament through your door each month? Well this is it! Perfect for gifts or simply to treat yourself, this club includes one Gnome Ornament each month that is as unique as the season. I will choose the colours and blend based on inspirations from the season or whimsy. December is sure to bring a Christmas Gnome to your door; March a beautiful flower Gnome; Summer, a bright and colourful Gnome and Autumn something with cosy autumnal colours.


Gnome ornaments are typically 5 inches high and 4 inches around at the base, including their feet. The hat is bendy. The figures will sit on a mini wooden disk to allow free standing as well as hanging.

There are three subscriptions to choose from with an international and a UK variant (the price difference is based on shipping costs).


  • Three month subscription (international or UK)
  • Roll-over subscription (international or UK)


Shipping is included in all subscription plans and includes tracking.


Each subscription is paid in instalments.  Roll-over subscriptions will continue until you cancel it. 


You can set up a subscription at any time, and your first payment will be taken immediately.
After this your payment will always be taken on the 15th of the month.



Created by fibre artist Jessika with her intuitive sense of colour and texture, what could be more exciting? Gnomes will always include the glorious locks and handmade batts that make her gnome designs so unique.

Gnome Ornament of the Month Club

Price Options
Monthly Ornament INT
Roll over subscription for international Gnomies.
£28.00monthly/ auto-renew
Three Gnomes Abroad
A Season of Gnomes to Your Homes Abroad.
£28.00monthly/ 3 months
Monthly Ornament- UK
Roll-over subscription for UK Gnomies
£26.00monthly/ auto-renew
Three Gnomes UK
A season of gnomes for your homes UK
£26.00monthly/ 3 months
  • All gnomes have a base of core wool with a small wire to allow the hat to bend.

    Spoonies sit on a bamboo spoon.  Regular gnome dolls sit on a wooden disk.

    The hats are made from blends of different wools, natural fibers and man made sparkle fibers.

    ex: Merino, Firestar, Bamboo, Cotton, Wensleydale locks, Blue Faced Leicester, Chevoit wool, Corriedale Locks, Tussah Silk, Angelina Fiber.

    The locks are sourced by an ethical, free range rare breed sheep farm located in the Cotswolds, UK.  I personally scour each lock using biodegradable soap.