More Gnomes

Custom Christmas Gnome Ornaments Made just for you, hand felted.

Have me make you one of my popular gnome christmas ornaments. Completely your choice of color hat style. Make a gnome that resembles someone, matches your home or signifies a season or event.


These gnome ornaments stand between 4-5 inches tall. (Gnomes pictured are examples and are not for sale.)


Gnomes ornaments feature a key and other charms, a string for hanging, and a wood disk on the bottom so they can stand with your display.


I will stay in touch with you the whole time which includes lots of pictures along the way. Here is a guide to help you come up with your customization, you can also see my blog post for detailed information



Hair Colour: After you put in your order I need to know the hair color (white or multi brown) so I can begin making the body form of the gnome.



Inspiration and color choices: I need to know your color choices for the hat. It helps if you have an inspiration (such as Christmas, a particular flower, colour coordination for your house) or even a picture.



Trial and error: I want this to be your favourite item and to be something special. I will take your colour choices and blend together some fibers. I will show you some pictures and you honestly critique it. We repeat this until it's perfect.





Custom Christmas Gnome Ornaments Made just for you, hand felted.

  • Unfortunately, because of the handmade nature of the gnome, I cannot say he is safe for children. Please message me if you have any concerns or questions. Photos have been taken in natural light. I have done my best to match the real-life colour, however, because monitors and phones are different, there will be some colour variation.

  • Base:

    All gnomes have a base of core wool with a small wire to allow the hat to bend.

    Most gnomes sit on a thin wood disk to allow free standing.  Ornaments include a string for hanging and may or may not include a wooden disk.  See item description for specifics.


    The hats are made from blends of different wools, natural and man-made fibers.   These fibers include Merino wool, Firestar, Bamboo, Cotton, Wensleydale locks, Blue Faced Leicester, Chevoit wool, Corriedale wool, Tussah Silk, Angelina Fiber, Trilobal, Nettle, soya silk, banana fibers, recycled sari silk, rose fiber, cotton, linen, hemp and many more.  

    Most of the plant fibers and locks have been hand dyed.


    Locks are purchased from a rare breed sheep farm in the UK that rears their sheep for their locks.  I buy these locks raw so that I may wash and process them myself.  I use eco friendly, unsented soap for washing.  Locks are hand-dyed using natural or acid dyes.

    For more information on the creation process please see my About Page.

    If you are interested in the fibers I use, see my Pinterest board : Baa, Baa Black Sheep