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Anson of the Anna's Hummingbird Spoonie Gnome

This hand-felted ornament is Anson the Anna’s Hummingbird Spoonie Gnome. Anson is one in a series of Spoonie gnome ornaments inspired by hummingbirds. Everyone can use a little extra help and these felted gnome "Spoonie" ornaments are there to lend you a spoon when you need it.  Anson’s bendy hat is a blend of grass green silk brick, fuchsia bamboo fibre, grey merino, teal Firestar and sparkly purple Angelina fibres. Anson the Hummingbird Spoonie Gnome is made for hanging from your kitchen window, bookshelf, mantle, or Christmas Tree. He would make an incredible gift for your friends, family, or yourself. He is also guaranteed to bring joy to a special “Spoonie” friend.


But what is a Spoonie?

But what is a "Spoonie"?

The term "Spoonie" was coined by Christine Miserandino. She used spoons to demonstrate what it was like to have an "invisible" illness such as fibromyalgia, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome.  The story goes that everyone starts the day with a certain amount of spoons.  As the day goes on the spoons are taken away depending on the activities undertaken.  If you do too much, you run out of spoons.  There is a possibility of gaining a spoon by resting and not pushing yourself too hard.  There are days when you need an extra spoon and that's where these little "Spoonie" gnomes come in.


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Anson the gnome/troll/elf:


  • He stands about 5.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches around at the base including his forest green shoes. He sits on a wooden spoon measuring 5 inches. His hat is bendy for posing and includes a fishing line to allow for hanging.
  • He has little flesh-coloured cheeks and nose under all those white Wensleydale locks.
  • His hat is a blend of hat is a blend of grass green silk brick, fuchsia bamboo fibre, grey merino, teal Firestar and sparkly purple Angelina fibres.
  • He is lightweight and soft to the touch.
  • His beard and hair are made from white Wensleydale locks. Care is taken to use wool raised in the UK on small farms.




Each gnome is lovingly wrapped in beautiful tissue paper and placed in a thick cardboard box for their travels.


These whimsical gnomes are hand-felted by me. They are individually made from head to toe. The hats have been made of wool, plant, and sparkly fibres that are blended to create a unique fabric, no two are the same.



Can't find the perfect gnomes? I also make custom gnomes to your specifications. See my custom listing for more information or message me directly.


Small child warning:

*Unfortunately, because of the handmade nature of the gnome my gnomes are safe for children under 3. These gnomes are for decorative purposes only. Please message me if you have any concerns or questions.



**Photos are taken in natural light. I have done my best to match the real-life colour, yet, because monitors and phones are different, there will be some colour variation.



Gnome Folklore:

There is various folklore surrounding Gnomes. They are usually portrayed as small magical beings that mostly live underground. They protect Mother Nature’s animals and precious gems and metals.

Nisse/tomte bring good luck and protect the homes, animals, farms, gardens, and people that treat them nicely. But, they may cause mischief to those that harm them.


Anson of the Anna's Hummingbird Spoonie Gnome


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