The Birds and the Bees, Flowers and the Trees.  The Gnomes of Spring 2019.

Updated: Oct 2

Two new collections have popped up for spring, Bird and Flower Inspired Gnomes For Your Homes. These gnomes can be found in my shop at

The Bird Gnomes:

These gnomes have been inspired by the colours of the British Birds that have been hopping around my apple tree this Winter.

Roderik Robin:

Roderik is incredibly soft. I used a buff bamboo fiber as the base then blended on orange-red merino, dark brown alpaca and red firestar for sparkle.

Timothy Titmouse:

Timothy's hat is a blend of merino, Icelandic, BFL and Moorit Shetland wool, Tussah Silk with a little silver Angelina fibre in oatmeal, grey, deep green and olive.

Sylvester Sparrow:

Sylvester's hat is a blend of ash, chocolate, and tan merino; black bamboo; beige linen fibre; gold firestar for sparkle.

The Flower Gnomes:

These felted gnomes were inspired by all the early bulb flowers that start rearing their heads at the end of winter.

Toren Tulip:

Toren's hat is made from a blend of dark pink, orange, olive and yellow merino wool; yellow and red linen fibres; pink Angelina fibre for sparkle.

Jonquil Daffodil:

Jonquil's hat is made of merino wool; bamboo, Firestar and Angelina fibres in shades of yellow and green. He has been potted in a terracotta mini pot.

Cupid Carnation:

Cupid's hat made of soft merino in shades of pink, coral and red; silky pink bamboo and Angelina fibre. He has been potted in a terracotta mini pot.

Ivan Iris:

Ivan's hat is blended with different shades of blue merino, firestar and silk noils; and yellow blue faced Leicester locks.

Bartholomew Snowdrop:

Bartholomew's hat represents the coming of the Spring Snowdrops by combining bright green merino and soya fibre; white Blue Faced Leicester, rose fibre and Angelina fibre for sparkle.

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