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Here you will find hand felted gnomes with glorious locks. These gnomes are one of a kind, handmade and unique and are unlike any other you see in the marketplace. No cutting, gluing or sewing here. I sculpt wool until it creates a gnome. Gnomes are made individually and guaranteed to have no doppelganger.

I blend various fibres such as soft merino, bamboo, nettle, linen, and tussah silk. The sparkle and glow comes from Trilobal and Angelina fibres. This becomes the blended hat . I use real wool locks sourced in Yorkshire, washed and hand dyed by me.

Inspiration comes from the colours of nature and seasonal holidays. My favourites are the ones my customers ask me to make.

​If you can't find a pre-made gnome that speaks to you, let me make one for you. Telling me what you want is easy and I have written a guide to help you along. See the guide here.


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My gnomes and I are grateful for your visit.

Ready For Adoption

Gnomes that are in stock now.

Gnomes_for_your_homes_hand felted_tomte_

Gnomes that are in stock now.

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Custom Gnomes

Gnomes that are in stock now.


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Ready For Adoption

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