Getting ready for Christmas with Christmas gnome ornaments at Gnomes For Your Homes.

Are you curious as to how I make your gnome?  How are my gnomes different to others?  I will tell you:

1.  They have real wool locks for their beard and hair

2.  They are completely hand felted, all the way through.  No stuffing, no fabric.

3.  The hats are made...

Introducing two new hand felted gnomes ready for your homes.

This post updates you on the newest collections for Spring, the introduction of Bird and Flower inspired felted gnomes.

This is a summary of how I attached Steampunk jewelry to my hand felted gnomes.

The gnome ornaments have arrived!  This year I have put these little lovelies in small terracotta pots with wire so they can sit on the branches of your Christmas tree.

October 13, 2018

Gnomes For Your Homes knows as soon as we hear the word Christmas, everyone groans.  However, Christmas comes the same time every year, so it shouldn't be a suprise and in order to give great gifts, you have to start early.  

Luckily, I am in the business of hand making...

I love making hand felted, custom gnomes because they allow me challenge myself creatively and they give me an opportunity to communicate with my customers. It is easy to request a custom gnome and here's how.

Welcome to my new site for bringing you my newest gnomes from Gnomes For Your Homes

At Gnomes For Your Homes, I sell hand felted gnomes (or tomten) that would be perfect to sit on your shelf all year round.  Each gnome has been hand felted, inside and out, by me startin...

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